donderdag 21 december 2017

Eindejaarslijstje 2017

Albums (alfabetisch)

Chastity Belt – 'I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone'
Cherry Glazerr – 'Apocalipstick'
Crystal Fairy – 'Crystal Fairy'
Firefang – 'Firefang'
Mark Lanegan – 'Gargoyle'
Matthew Melton – 'Night Life'
John Murry – 'A Short History of Decay'
Protomartyr – 'Relatives In Descent'
R. Ring – 'Ignite the Rest'
Will Sprott – 'Ten Fingers'
Together Pangea – 'Bulls and Roosters'
Warm Soda – 'I Don't Wanna Grow Up'
Who Is She? – 'Seattle Gossip'

Songs (die niet op bovengenoemde albums staan)

Bleached – 'Can You Deal?'
The Breeders – 'Wait in the Car'
The Coathangers – 'Captain's Dead'
Daddy Issues – 'Boys of Summer'
L.A. Witch – 'Kill My Baby Tonight'
Mozes and the Firstborn – 'Tired Asphalt'
Nots – 'In Glass'
Romano Nervoso – 'I'd Rather Kill a Man Than an Animal'
Trapper Schoepp – 'The Scat'
Slow Bear – 'Fucking Off'
ti.po.ta – 'Peki Peki Song'
White Mystery – 'Mars Death Pact'
Scott Yoder – 'Ways of Love'

Optredens (chronologisch)

Death Valley Girls, Antwerp Music City (Antwerpen), 31.01
Fred and Toody, Het Bos (Antwerpen), 12.02
Cherry Glazerr, Trix (Antwerpen), 22.02
Steal Shit Do Drugs, Water Moulin (Doornik), 24.02
Mozes and the Firstborn, RocKing (Eindhoven), 26.04
The Coathangers, Psych over 9000 (Gent), 24.05
Nots, Beursschouwburg (Brussel), 09.06
Bleached, La Zone (Luik), 26.06
Slow Bear, Trefpunt (Gent), 03.07
Boytoy, Le Risquons-tout en goguette (Moeskroen), 12.07
Chastity Belt, Botanique (Brussel), 15.09
Together Pangea, Het Bos (Antwerpen), 18.11
Protomartyr & Heimat, Botanique (Brussel), 21.11


Nieuw materiaal van Feels, Le Butcherettes, Slow Bear, Mozes and the Firstborn, La Luz en Romano Nervoso, hopelijk gepaard gaand met optredens. Trapper Schoepp heeft alvast aangekondigd in april naar Europa te komen.

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