zaterdag 26 december 2015

Eindejaarslijstje 2015

Albums (alfabetisch)

Chastity Belt – 'Time to go home'
CHILDBIRTH – 'Women's rights'
Shana Cleveland & The Sandcastles – 'Oh man, cover the ground'
La Luz – 'Weirdo shrine'
Mansfield.TYA – 'Corpo inferno'
Protomartyr – 'The agent intellect'
Sleater-Kinney – 'No cities to love'
Slow Bear – 'Pale morning fades'
Will Sprott – 'Vortex numbers'
together PANGEA – 'The phage'
Warm Soda – 'Symbolic dream'

Songs (die niet op bovengenoemde albums staan)

The Banquet Years – 'Only girl'
BOYTOY – 'Postal'
Bully – 'Trying'
Le Butcherettes – 'Lonely & drunk'
The Coathangers – 'Watch your back'
Kim Gordon & J Mascis – 'Slow boy'
Mark Lanegan – 'Two horses'
Matthew Melton – 'Too many hearts lack lovers'
Pleasers – 'Reject teen'
Protomartyr – 'Blues festival'
Scully – 'Don't want that'
Smashing Pumpkins – 'Drum & fife'


together PANGEA, Madame Moustache (Brussel), 24.02
Slow Bear, Café Café (Hasselt), 14.03
Sleater-Kinney, Trix (Antwerpen), 21.03
Mudhoney, Roots & Roses (Lessines), 01.05
Mansfield.TYA, Botanique (Brussel), 14.05
Warm Soda, Madame Moustache (Brussel), 27.05
Mark Lanegan Band, Bruis (Maastricht), 06.09
La Luz, Leffingeleuren (Leffinge), 19.09
Protomartyr, Botanique (Brussel), 09.11
Le Butcherettes, Magasin 4 (Brussel), 19.11


Nieuw materiaal van onder andere The Julie Ruin, Tacocat, Mozes and The Firstborn, Trapper Schoepp, Thao And The Get Down Stay Down, Bleached en Scott Yoder.
Alvast aangekondigde optredens van Trapper Schoepp (De Zwerver), Mozes and The Firstborn & together PANGEA (Madame Moustache, Het Bos), Protomartyr (Het Bos) en Mansfield.TYA (ntb).

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